Veterinary Physiotherapy Services Available

Alexandra Martin Veterinary Physiotherapy is a mobile veterinary service covering the Bath, Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset, and South Gloucestershire regions (visits to other areas are considered on an individual basis). Physiotherapy sessions will be conducted either at your home or the location in which the animal is housed.

We are able to treat a range of different animal species, using a variety of different techniques, some of which are listed below: 


PMFT (Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy)

LASER (Phototherapy, Red Light, Blue Light)

Therapeutic Ultrasound

NMES/TENS (Muscle Stimulation)

Thermotherapy/Cryotherapy (Hot and Cold Therapy)

Trigger point release

Stretching/Range of motion testing

Exercise prescription (E.g. pole work, balance pads etc)


Your First Physiotherapy Session

Once your appointment has been booked, you may be left wondering what to expect from your first session. Whilst all animals are treated on an individual basis, it is normal to expect the following steps to take place. 

Clinical History + Discussion

Alongside the clinical history from your vet, it is beneficial for us to have a thorough understanding of what everyday life with your animal looks like in order for us to tailor your individual plan.


Identification of Problem Areas

After the physiotherapist has finished assessing your animal, any problem areas will be discussed with you, and goals for treatment set.


Gait Assessment

Depending on the current physical state of your animal it is likely that we will want to review how your animal moves in order to identify any gait changes or signs of dysfunction

Individual Treatment Plan

Any treatment will be carried out. This may include a combination of manual or electrotherapy techniques. Your physiotherapist will be able  explain any of these treatments. 



Physical Assessment

A full body physical examination will take place. This is done through palpation and range of motion tests.

Home Exercises + Advice

Exercises are often set as tasks to be completed at home in order to get the best out of physiotherapy. Advice regarding your animals condition and future appointments will also be given.




Generally most sessions last at least one hour, although it is often longer than this depending on the type of session or participation of the animal. Normally your first appointment will take longer due to initial introductions and history taking, as well as the completion of any additional paperwork.


Our prices are set on a per session basis rather than hourly. Half an hour sessions may be suitable as follow up appointments for intensive cases that require only certain or very specific treatment types (e.g. LASER therapy). 

General Prices

Equine Physiotherapy Session - £55.00

Canine Physiotherapy Session - £45.00

Feline Physiotherapy Session - £30.00

1/2 Hour Sessions (All Species) - £30.00


Sessions for other species of animal e.g. farm, small furries, or exotics are considered upon discussion.

I offer block booking discounts on an individual basis, so please contact me to come to an arrangement.


10% off each animal when booking in 2 or more animals on the same day.

Refer a friend scheme - Get £10.00 off your next session when a friend gives your name at their first session.

Canine and equine annual packages are available (maintenance checks only) to help ensure your animal gets regular spaced out sessions all year around. 

Did You Know?

Most Insurance companies will cover physiotherapy treatment - It is worth checking whether your policy has built in cover for therapies such as physiotherapy, as they may cover up to 100% of the cost! I am always happy to discuss any questions regarding packages or pricing on an individual basis, so please do contact me.