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How to Book

Veterinary Consent 

In order to treat your animal it is essential that we receive written veterinary consent from your veterinary surgeon. This is because currently only veterinarians can legally diagnose or provide medical care for animals, so by working under their consent we are also able to provide rehabilitative treatments (The Veterinary Surgeons Act, 1966). Whilst this sounds complicated it's actually very simple. Please follow the step by step process listed here when booking an appointment with me.

To find out more information about veterinary physiotherapy or my services, please use the navigation menu on this website, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions before starting the referral process.


For Owners

Step One - Please download the veterinary consent form listed below, and fill in the boxes on PAGE 1, including details of your vets. You may print and then scan the form, or complete it electronically.

Step Two - Please email the form back to us at, we will then forward it to your veterinary surgeon in order to gain written consent.

Step Three - Once we have received consent from your vets we will contact to to confirm a date and time and go other any other questions you may have before the session.

For Vets

If you are a veterinarian wanting to refer a patient directly, please download the veterinary consent form below and complete PAGE 2. You may print and then scan the form, or complete it electronically. If you could then please return it to we will get the owner to complete any additional information and organise an appointment.

Veterinary Consent Form -  Download in either PDF or Word

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